Councillor attacks tattoo industry

Lawley Ward councillor Rod Willox made the remarks in denying an application for a tattoo studio on a small commercial strip on Michael Street.

While Stirling officers had recommended the application be granted, the City’s planning and development committee went against the officer’s recommendation and replaced it with their own.

The recommendation was that the application be denied under clause 10.3.1 of Local Planning Scheme 3, due to its inconsistency with the objectives of the Local Centre Zone cluse 4.2a.

This clause states that businesses in a local centre zone most cater for the day-to-day needs of the immediate neighbourhood.

Planning and Development committee chairman Giovanni Italiano moved an alternative motion at council to approve the development, stating that under the town planning scheme there was no reason to deny the application, a view backed up by councillor Samantha Jenkinson.

It was during debate that Cr Willox made comments questioning the character of the owners, who he admitted he did not know and did not want to know.

‘Unfortunately, the stigma is not about having a tattoo ” it’s about some of the clientele and some of the people who run them,’ he said.

‘They mention there is a dog shampoo place there’