Counting cost of changes

The media campaign was set up to inform residents about proposed boundary changes and urge them to sign petitions that will be presented to the State Government.

If cuts go ahead as planned to Stirling’s boundaries and the City does not receive half of Vincent, Stirling will face a $29 million loss in revenue.

Stirling Council chief executive Stuart Jardine said such a significant loss to revenue would directly affect the City’s major project plans over the next 10 years.

The City of Vincent has held rallies, which have been well attended, with residents voicing a desire to go to the City of Perth and not the City of Stirling.

Cr Boothman said it was important the City publicise the facts about the boundary changes to make residents aware of what was happening to their council.

‘The City want to inform all residents of the impact that this proposed change to Stirling’s boundaries will mean for them,’ he said.

‘We also wanted to gauge their feelings about going or staying, and if they feel strongly about staying, vote online and encouraging them to sign a petition.’

Cr Boothman said the cost of losing significant areas within Stirling would be a far greater cost than the $59,000 spent on this campaign.

‘Faced with what we would be losing, this is a small cost, and is an essential and necessary spend to protect the best interests of the City’s residents and the future of the City of Stirling,’ he said.