DAP approves parking changes for Stirling development

D481865. The La Luna Stirling site last year. Photo: Martin Kennealey
D481865. The La Luna Stirling site last year. Photo: Martin Kennealey

A STATE planning panel has rejected a City of Stirling recommendation for parking uses at a Stirling development.

Greenhaven Property Group is building La Luna Stirling, a four-storey office and apartment complex at the corner of Sanderling and Cedric streets.

The Metro North-West Development Assessment Panel approved amended plans for the building last September, including a condition requiring 45 parking bays for the commercial tenancies, eight bays for residential visitors and the remaining 49 bays for residents.

The applicant appealed to the State Administrative Tribunal for changes to the condition and it was considered by the panel last week..

It sought 56 residential parking bays, 15 office staff parking bays, two staff and eight visitor bays for the proposed restaurant, and 21 visitor bays for commercial and residential visitors, with a three-hour limit for all visitor bays.

A City of Stirling report presented at the panel meeting said the commercial allocation equated to two tenancies having two staff parking bays and 12 tenancies having one bay, as staff would be unable to park in the time-restricted bays.

It found a seven-bay shortfall in commercial parking, 20-bay surplus for residents and overall surplus of 13 bays.

The applicant said reciprocal parking bays were justified because the peak time for residential visitors would be different to office hours but the City said it could not assess this as there was no evidence as to what tenancies’ operating hours would be.

The City recommended retaining the requirement for 53 bays for residential visitors and commercial tenancies but without designated bays for each.

But the panel voted to reduce this from 53 to 46, with the remaining 56 available as dedicated resident parking as per the developer’s proposal.

Presiding member Karen Hyde said there were different peak operating hours for residential and commercial visitors, the City would be able to approve a parking management plan prior to occupancy and the restaurant would help activate the site.