Demolition of Trigg’s ‘dancing lady’ house hits nerve with locals

452761- Picture: Emma Guthrie/ Perth
452761- Picture: Emma Guthrie/ Perth

THE Trigg ‘dancing lady’ beach house has been demolished, bringing back nostalgic memories of simpler times for many locals.

North Beach resident Emma Guthrie said the post about the West Coast Drive house on her lifestyle and community blog Perth went viral.

“This was the most popular, unpaid , post that I have ever done on Perth,” she said.

“Facebook went viral with 702 likes, 138 comments and 42 shares, which gave a reach of audience into the tens of thousands.

“The Instagram post received 179 likes and 46 comments. It seems everyone loves a good old beach shack.”

Many were sad the “original surf shack” would be demolished to make way for another “mansion” while others reminisced about the “wild parties” they attended at the house in the 1980s.

The shack overlooked Mettam’s Pool.

A FEW MEMORIES OF THE BEACH SHACK:Barbara Ward: Many nostalgic memories for everyone who loves this area. I have cycled and walked past it on many, many perfect mornings before work now I don’t live there but am sorry the way things change and not always for the better!

Rebecca Wildman: I am sure some friends of mine lived there at one stage too and I have hung out there on a few occasions

Brigette Fitzgerald: I thought the house with the amazing Spanish lady would be there forever! Big mansion on the way I’m sure!

Kate Noone: This is an awesome home, it has always made me feel so peaceful and carefree. Driving past, it whispers of another time when we enjoyed a slower life and urges you to breathe and slow down. It caresses your soul and makes you think of what is important. It has always been welcoming. It is one of the reasons I love North Beach. I would drive past and realise why we made the choice to live here. Stuart Scar Campbell my thoughts are with you when she goes.

Debbie Jackson: Ooooh la la went to a mad party there in 1988!

Pauline Campbell: That house has plenty of stories to tell

Amanda Mulligan: Oh the memories! Good thing walls can’t talk!

Celinda Adair: Used to drive by this every day when we lived in North Beach. A shame to lose the artistic addition to the area.

Meg Terpos: Was this the place that always had the VB can Christmas tree out the front?

Dave Hayes: It’ll be a sad day when she goes.