Election 2016: Keenan returned in Stirling

Stirling MHR Michael Keenan.
Stirling MHR Michael Keenan.

STIRLING MHR Michael Keenan was returned on election day despite a small swing against the Liberal Party in his electorate.

Mr Keenan, who serves as Justice Minister in the Turnbull Government, has held the seat since the 2004 Liberal landslide against a Mark Latham-led Labor.

With 75.1per cent of votes counted, Mr Keenan has won the seat comfortably with 56.1 per cent of the two-party preferred vote, down 2.9 per cent on the 2013 result.

The Minister courted controversy during the campaign, attacking the Labor candidate for Cowan, Anne Aly, for recommending radical Islamist preacher Junaid Thorne for a de-radicalisation program during his trial.

The storm had little apparent effect on Mr Keenan, and the swing against him was smaller than those seen against Liberal candidates in Cowan, Swan, Pearce, Hasluck, Canning, Brand and Burt.

While Mr Keenan is certain to continue as the Member for Stirling, he may no longer be a Minister when the dust settles.

As voting recommences today the overall result of the election is unclear, with neither major party securing the 76 House of Representatives seats required to form government.

Mr Keenan may continue to serve as a Minister in a minority Coalition Government, with support from “crossbench” MPs.

Labor candidate for Stirling Robert Pearson is on 43.9 per cent after preferences, from a primary vote of 32.8 per cent.

Greens candidate Tom Webster is third with 11.1per cent.