Extension likely to get nod

The expanded redevelopment area is closely aligned with the Scarborough Special Control Area. But the MRA advised the City that it takes into consideration ‘inclusion of the existing master plan foreshore area, inclusion of sites with optimum development potential, alignment with the road network, opportunity to improve east/west connections and current City of Stirling planning framework boundaries.’

When the boundary of the redevelopment area is set, the MRA will work to establish its own planning scheme for the selected redevelopment area and will take over the planning and development approval functions of the City.

The City’s planning and development committee voted unanimously to accept the revised boundary. However, they also voted unanimously to recommend that specific reference be made to Scarborough Beach and that the importance of tourism infrastructure to Scarborough Beach be recognised.

If full Council accepts the revised boundaries tonight, a land redevelopment committee (LRC) consisting of five members will be established to perform delegated duties in relation to the redevelopment scheme and development control.

The LRC will consist of one member of local government, one member of the MRA Board and three people with relevant qualifications, such as experience in urban planning, development, business, law, finance or tourism. The LRC will become operational after the Scarborough Redevelopment Area is created through legislation.