Extra bin prompts review

The City of Stirling is to review its bin storage policy.
The City of Stirling is to review its bin storage policy.

The City’s three-bin policy, to come into effect next year, will prompt a review of the policy, which currently requires grouped and multiple residential developments containing 13 or more dwellings to provide bin storage areas 3.5m wide and 2.5m deep.

Stirling waste and fleet manager Sean Sciberras said these requirements would fit mobile bins.

‘Existing multi-unit dwellings with bulk bin enclosures that meet the City’s policy manual, section 6, bin storage area requirements will be able to accommodate the required number of mobile garbage bins for general waste and recyclables,’ he said.

Despite this, he said a review of the current policy had begun, with the City’s preference for residents to use mobile garbage bins.

‘The policy will be amended to ensure that there is sufficient space available for the storage of mobile garbage bins at multi-unit developments,’ Mr Sciberras said.

‘The policy will be amended to also define bin enclosure requirements for mobile garbage bins, which will be the preferred waste container.

‘While a bulk bin enclosure has enough room for the appropriate number of mobile garbage bins, an enclosure for mobile garbage bins does not need the same layout and access requirements.’

He said the City’s preference was for multi-unit developments to provide storage space and verge access for mobile garbage bins.

Mr Sciberras said proponents of upcoming developments were being advised of the impending changes to the policy.