Federal funding runs dry

THE Federal Government will not contribute to the Scarborough coastal pool, forcing the City of Stirling to look elsewhere for $10 million.

The $26 million pool was announced by the City of Stirling in December.

It committed $13 million to the project.

City of Stirling Mayor Giovanni Italiano said he was astounded the City had not qualified for the multi-million dollar federal funding.

�The Scarborough pool project is all about promoting tourism into WA and creating jobs for the people,� he said.

�Tourism is the cornerstone of long term employment in this State, with the project creating more than 8000 direct jobs.

�Yet again we appear to have been overlooked for pork-barrelling opportunities in other states such as New South Wales and Victoria which, between them, took over 64 per cent of the funding cake.�

Scarborough MLA Liza Harvey dismissed Stirling�s outcry over the lack of Federal funding, saying the City was more than capable of funding the project itself.

�The City has been sitting on its hands for over 10 years on the coastal pool project,� she said.

�It has the capacity to fund it and build it for the coastal ratepayers so they can enjoy state-of-the-art aquatic facilities such as those the ratepayers of Balga and Inglewood enjoy.�

Stirling MHR Michael Keenan said he would support the City of Stirling if it reapplied for the grant.

�I would encourage the City of Stirling to reapply for funding for the Scarborough Beach Pool in Round 2 of the National Stronger Regions Fund, which opens next week,� he said.

�I would be more than happy to again provide my full support for the application of funding for this worthy local project.�

Cr Italiano said three similar projects had secured Federal funding, with Gympie receiving $5 million for an aquatic centre and Darwin $4.4 million. The City will look to the State Government for $3 million through a recreation grant.