Tuart Hill and Other Primary Schools Get Facility Upgrades

TUART Hill Primary School has been busting for new toilets and has received some much-needed relief from the State Government.

The school received $100,000 as part of the classroom refurbishment program to upgrade facilities in the female staff, junior, boys’ and universal access toilets.

The female staff toilets received the most attention, with the installation of a vanity basin, hot water unit, toilet pan and cistern, stud wall and the removal of floor tiles, altered plumbing and a coat of paint.

The universal access toilet was removed, with another on the school grounds to be used.

Another $50,000 went towards refurbishing classrooms, replacing carpets and painting, with more than $14,000 spent on ceiling support panels and asbestos remedial works.

Department of Education infrastructure executive director John Fischer said the areas identified with asbestos had been classified as low risk.

“It has become apparent that a few areas in the school required the condition of asbestos material to be addressed,” Mr Fischer said.

Carine High school received $92,000 to refurbish classrooms, replace carpets, for electrical upgrade work and remove or prune trees.

Other schools in the area that received funding as part of the refurbishment program:

Balcatta Senior High School

Replace administration floor coverings – $28,000

Replace roof gutters – $20,000

Dianella Heights Primary School

Replace roof gutters – $10,000

Prune trees – $15,000

Doubleview Primary School

Replace roof gutters – $20,000

Resecuring of loose panels room 19, the music room and the undercover room. Replacement of ceiling in foyer area – $21,715

Glendale Primary School

Re-seat and repositioning of acoustic ceiling panels, replace mineral fibre ceiling tiles in boys toilet – $1470

Karrinyup Prirary School

Replace roof gutters – $20,000

Tuart College

Battens to various areas and ceiling replacement to A100 staff area – $20,000

Yuluma Primary School

Repair uneven paving – $20,000