Fence is ‘major mistake’

The fence will be installed around the perimeter of the school because of recent incidents of vandalism and hooning on two adjoining ovals.

Residents Annette and Mark Foley said they had lived in the area for 25 years and used the oval every day.

�Everyone in the community I�ve spoken to is concerned about this. We have a lot of memories here; our children learnt to bike ride here and this will just make the oval look ugly,� Ms Foley said.

Ms Foley said the oval was a community meeting place where sports teams and social groups gathered.

�It really has a homely, country school feeling about it, which we will lose,� she said.

A resident, who did not want to be named because his children attend Carine SHS, said the fence would be a �major mistake�.

�It�s not going to do anything to prevent vandals from entering the school unless they put razor wire around the top and turn it into a real prison. There�s got to be a better way,� he said.

�The reason we moved to this neighbourhood 16 years ago was because of the open spaces; the kids play soccer here all the time.� �������

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