Flagging a change

The City flies the Aboriginal flag two weeks a year, during Naidoc and Reconciliation weeks.

Acting chief executive Ed Herne said council had approved the existing protocols in 2010 and there were no immediate plans to review them.

�Under the City of Stirling�s Civic Facilities Policy, the flags flown from the Civic Building flagpoles are the Australian National Flag, the Western Australian State Flag and the City of Stirling Emblem,� he said.

�The Australian Aboriginal Flag will also be flown on other additional events significant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture as approved by the mayor and the chief executive.�

The Stirling Times understands Osborne Ward councillor David Michael is supportive of flying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags in the City chamber as well as outside the City�s offices.

The City of Bayswater resolved to fly the flag outside the council civic centre last week, with a unanimous vote on the matter.

The motion also included purchasing Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander desk flags to be displayed in the offices.

Mayor Sylvan Albert said that by flying the Aboriginal flag next to the other flags, the City acknowledged the indigenous custodians of this land.