Going bush for FA

Now 30-years-old, the Balcatta resident hopes to raise $18,000 to travel Australia, meeting other sufferers of FA and produce a documentary on the condition.

Mr Davis, known as Bush to his friends, grew up in rural New South Wales, and said he hoped to educate others on his condition while reconnecting with outback Australia with his friend Immy Ariff.

�I pretty much grew up in the bush and that�s why everyone calls me that, and I just want to go back but I can�t,� Mr Davis said.

�I have to live day by day.

�I haven�t been able to plan anything big simply because I don�t know how long I�ve got.

�It�s not that easy going through it, I want to educate people about FA, so when more people get diagnosed they have a better understanding of it.�

Mr Davis said that he had learned a lot from his time living with FA and wanted to compile it in a documentary, providing useful insight into the condition.

�If there is something that I have got from this experience, it is that life has a lot of bumps and turns leading to endless possibilities.

To donate to Mr Davis and his plan to educate others about FA, visit website gofundme.com/bushroadtripforfa