Gold Coast shows light rail benefits

Mr Mumford last week commended the Queensland government on its foresight to invest in the 16-station, 13km light rail project as WA Transport Minister Dean Nalder said he was still considering the capital cost of Perth�s MAX Light Rail project.

The $1.2 billion Gold Coast project was funded through a public private partnership, with GoldLinkQ consortium raising initial capital ahead of local, State and Federal government investment.

Mr Mumford said the GoldLinkQ, completed in mid-2014, had carried more than 6.5 million passengers to date, averaging over 18,000 trips per day.

Mr Nalder said the Gold Coast light rail had affected property values and noise was a concern for local residents but MAX Light Rail was still on the table for Perth�s northern suburbs.

�There have been a few misconceptions around what light rail will provide for the community. It�s about mass transit of people from Mirrabooka and how we can do that in the most efficient and effective manner possible,� he said.

�One challenge is around the capital cost for the capacity of light rail and being able to ensure that if you spend that amount you�re going to get the benefit out of it.�