Gwelup Primary students put in stirring performance about dangers of asbestos

GWELUP Primary School students learnt about the dangers of asbestos and heartache of asbestos related disease through song.

Last Friday, the school choir performed a song written by Dean Harnett, a Stirling plumber with a passion for song writing and storytelling.

Mr Harnett wrote the song Mystery Blue about asbestos diseases, which raised over $12,000 for the Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia (ADSA) and will in turn be donated to Professor Ana Nowak, a UWA-based mesothelioma researcher.

“A very good friend of mine lost his father to mesothelioma a few years ago,” Mr Harnett said.

“He rang me on New Year’s Day to tell me the news. We were on a family holiday and for whatever reason, it really hit me hard.

“So I cut the holiday short and went home and started writing that same day.

“I got in the studio with Peter Oats from Kitchen Cooked Records – he’s a genius and is the mastermind behind the music – and we recorded the song.”

Gwelup Primary School principal Greg Clarke said the song was a moving tribute.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase a talented member of our community as well as raise awareness to a worthy cause,” he said.

Mr Harnett he hoped to get copies of the song on to counters at trade outlets around the country with proceeds going to ADSA.