High-rise flats proposed

The multi-storey development would be on the site of a recently demolished shopping centre.

The development application was submitted to the JDAP and has been referred to the City of Stirling for a responsible authority report.

City of Stirling approvals manager Greg Bowering said the development would introduce a diverse range of housing options to the area.

Local resident Michele Chadbourne said she was concerned the development would devalue surrounding properties and affect the amenity of the local area.

�I do agree with the need for high density housing in Dianella, but not seven-storey flats,� she said.

�Obviously with 163 units will come a lot more cars and as a pedestrian. It is dangerous enough now.

�There are many elderly and disabled people who have to cross this street on the way to the shopping centre every day.�

Ms Chadbourne said she felt let down by the City of Stirling�s consultation process.

�The City has made little effort to even let people know about the development, let alone comment on it,� she said.

Mr Bowering said the application was advertised for 21 days between Friday, March 27, and Friday, April 17.

�As part of the consultation process, letters were sent to landowners and occupiers within a 100m radius of the subject sites, a website advertisement was uploaded to the City�s website and two signs were erected on the street frontages of the subject sites for the duration of the advertising period,� he said.

The City is preparing a responsible authority report for determination by the Metro North West JDAP.