Hulking sweet potato has grower praising ‘incredible’ vegie

Christine Randall and her ‘incredible’ sweet potato.
Christine Randall and her ‘incredible’ sweet potato.

A SWEET potato resembling the Incredible Hulk’s fist has been grown in Doubleview soil.

Resident Christine Randall said she had been growing the 5.06kg vegetable for about nine months but she intended to eat it.

“I can make soup, sweet potato chips and roast it,” she said.

“Root vegetables can last weeks (when) kept in a cool cupboard.”

Ms Randall said the soil was close to the ocean and was sandy with little nutrient content.

“It has good drainage but dries out quickly so vegetable growing takes constant watering and the addition of organic matter such as food scraps, old papers and bentonite clay,” she said.

“As a comparison, I have moved to Doubleview from Byford which has clay soil that, when organic matter is added, you can grow just about anything.

“However this cutting was originally from Byford and I never grew any sweet potatoes anywhere near the size of this one.”

The Food and Farm Alliance member said she grew organic mangos and nut trees in her old residence in Byford and continued her passion of growing produce.

“Having moved to Doubleview, I find the lanes a great opportunity to grow food for anyone walking them to pick and to create a sense of community…hopefully others will follow,” she said.

She said some of the bigger sweet potatoes in the world included a 37kg potato in Spain recorded in 2004 and a 22kg one in Waroona.