Hunt on for owner of mystery Chevrolet grounded in Scarborough foreshore car park

The mystery Chevrolet in the Scarborough Beach car park.
The mystery Chevrolet in the Scarborough Beach car park.

HOW on earth did that happen?

That’s what Scarborough residents, beach joggers, workers and early diners were asking this morning when they discovered a classic car seemingly stranded on a low speed hump.

Sitting in front of Grill’d burgers in the redeveloped Scarborough foreshore car park, the long bodied Chevrolet appears to be stuck – and abandoned by its owner.

The rear of the car is touching the bitumen, with the rear wheels seemingly jammed up into the top of the wheel well.

There was no sign of the driver, who had jammed their car on the speed hump – or broken down in an unfortunate spot.

One Scarborough resident said they had heard a scraping noise about 5.30am, but dismissed it as shovelling by one of the workers who have been doing remedial work in the area in recent weeks.

The rear window of the car displays a large advertising sticker for Skulduggery Barbers.

The “Yank Tank” was finally removed about 1:30pm after being there before sunrise.