International Women’s Day: seven women who are sharing responsibility to #PressforProgress

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NO matter how different their story or their role in the community, all women have a united responsibility to fulfil this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #PressforProgress.

Women of all ethnicities, ages, backgrounds and professions share one objective now more than ever, to work together towards gender parity.

Meet the seven women Community News spoke to ahead of IWD who all share one common thread, the desire for woman to uplift one another to help achieve equality.

Anne Aly

As an internationally-renowned expert adviser to the United Nations, Anne Aly would return to Australia frustrated by the lack of change in her own country.
So the counter terrorism professor decided to be the change she wanted to see by becoming the Cowan MHR.
Read about Ms Aly’s story and what her role is in revealing the struggles woman around the world continue to face.

Story: Anne Aly finds her place

Carla van Raay

From an abused child, to a nun, prostitute and author, Carla van Raay has lived many lives in her 79 years.
Through it all her one role has been to discover self love and heal from the abuse that left her believing she was an “awful, dirty, terrible child.”
Read Ms van Raay’s story and how she believes when women support women, that nothing can stop them from progressing and making a change.

Story: Carla van Raay on discovery of self love

Merlene Smith

Known as the ‘baby who lived in the clouds’, Merlene Smith was always destined to be a pilot.
To make her dream come true, the grandmother overcame obstacles and fulfilled her passion by working four jobs while raising her children.
Read Ms Smith’s story of how she followed her heart by having faith in herself, something she says all women aught to have.

Story: Merlene Smith always knew she could fly

Karen Roberts

Social justice is what drives Karen Roberts in all that she does including in her role as a human resources director, volunteer and board member.
Her time working in a male-dominated workforce with a uniformed culture has shaped her ideology that all women have a responsibility to work for the sisterhood, not against one another.
Read Ms Robert’s story and her commitment to social justice and bringing a male-dominated workforce inline with the pursuit of equality.

Story: Karen Roberts says sisterhood must work together

Roxy Jacenko

At a young age Roxy Jacenko knew she had to work hard to get what she wanted, and since then she has done just that.
By her mid-20s she was the owner of her own company, Sweaty Betty PR, and while she admits that her life has been a “train-wreck” at times, her work ethic never wavered.
Read Ms Jacenko’s story and what her advice is to women about success and taking opportunities.

Story: Roxy Jacenko hustles and inspires

Olivia Del Borello

It’s been five years in the making and Olivia De Borello’s passion for building a community of supportive women has never been stronger.
She created Inspire Fitness to encourage women of all shapes, sizes and ages to come together and achieve mental and physical health and wellbeing.
Read Ms Del Borello’s story and how working as a team can build the strength of women both mentally and physically.

Story: Olivia Del Borello rolls with the punches

Katie Lamb

Following her childhood “tomboy” dream will see Katie Lamb pull on football boots and play for the same club her legendary father Phil Lamb played for.
With two older sisters, her sporting life has predominately revolved around netball but this year she will make her debut in the nation’s most popular male-dominated team sport.
Read Ms Lamb’s story and how she believes women in Australian Rules Football is paving the way for females dominating other sports.

Story: Katie Lamb follows in dad’s footsteps

Let’s celebrate women in our communities this IWD.

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