Keenan takes on new terror role

The Stirling MHR was appointed to the new role late last month and is tasked with overseeing the coordination of Australia�s intelligence and law enforcement departments.

The national security restructure includes the former ambassador to Iran and Indonesia, Greg Moriarty, being appointed as national counter-terrorism coordinator.

Mr Keenan said the fact the Government was changing Australia�s national security dynamic did not indicate anything was necessarily wrong.

�The threat is unprecedented and we want to make sure that we are doing absolutely everything, that no stone is being left unturned,� he said.

�We are doing a lot of things but we need to make sure that all those things are moving in the same direction.�

Curtin University senior national security and international relations lecturer Mark Briskey said the restructure would help prevent national security information being �siloed� by individual government agencies.

�It will ensure that they are singing off the same sheet and that all the intelligence is aimed at the objectives that are identified as being most important,� he said.

�It�s a natural progression. Australia has co-ordinated well interdepartmentally but having one person sitting above the Commonwealth intelligence and law enforcement is a good idea.�

Dr Briskey, a former Federal officer based internationally, said Mr Keenan had the experience to perform well in the new role.

�He�s shown himself to be a vigorous proponent of law enforcement and he is certainly someone from my perspective who will do well,� he said.

Mr Keenan said it was his job to ensure anti-terrorism efforts were well coordinated across the country.