Keeping the family tradition alive

Racing in her blood: Jockey Lucy Warwick.Picture: Andrew Ritchie           d446295
Racing in her blood: Jockey Lucy Warwick.Picture: Andrew Ritchie         d446295

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Warwick said she came from a racing family.

�My whole family have been in racing their entire life,� she said.

�Both my grandad and his dad trained trotters.

�My dad was also a leading harness driver and trainer and won many races.

�My mum was a world-class show jumper at one stage and mum and dad now train racehorses.

�I really had no choice but to grow up in racing.�

And with Michelle Payne hype at fever pitch, Warwick said she could not be happier for the 30-year-old who won this year�s Melbourne Cup, the first woman to ever do so.

She added that she had never encountered sexism in the sport and that it was good to see many girls taking up the sport these days.

�I�ve been pretty lucky through my career, I�ve never had any sexist comments,� she said.

�I�ve also never lost a ride due to me being a girl but I�ve only been riding for two years.

�Michelle�s come from a different era and she has done it hard, she�s gone through all of that and she has made her mark.

�It�s great to see her succeeding and finally live out her dream.�

Warwick also had this advice for young girls looking to take up the sport.

�Just go for it,� she said, adding that if girls wanted to compete against the boys in what is often thought of as a male-dominated sport they needed to be �one of the boys.�

�It is sort of intimidating when you start out, but if you want to be a jockey and you want to do it, you�ve just got to go hard for it.�