Scarborough resident to speak at UN forum in Canberra

Laura Grubb and Samba Ouma Zablon.
Laura Grubb and Samba Ouma Zablon.

SCARBOROUGH resident Laura Grubb represented Australia as part of the Youth Ag-Summit in Canberra last month.

About 100 young leaders from 33 nations came together for the summit to discuss the role science and modern agriculture play in feeding a hungry planet.

Ms Grubb and Kenyan delegate Samba Ouma Zablon will present the Canberra Youth Ag-Declaration at the United Nation’s Committee on World Food Security in Rome next month.

Ms Grubb, a Murdoch University honours student, said the opportunity to present at the UN was significant.

“It’s a huge opportunity,” she said.

“Normally at conferences the information and ideas shared stay within the body of people that attended, but we have a unique opportunity to spread this around the globe to both developed and developing countries, across a range of different ecosystems, production systems, and cultures.

“That means we can really put the goals we’ve developed at this conference into practice and make a difference.”