Lid comes down on Feed Box Market

Works are due to begin for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority’s (MRA) $63.5 million Scarborough Redevelopment in the area later this year.

A spokeswoman for DYo Events, which organises the Feed Box Market, said season two did not close “solely” because of the MRA works.

“There were a number of factors that determined the early closure of this privately owned and operated free community event,” she said.

“DYo Events is very excited about the revitalisation (of Scarborough). It is long overdue and will in our opinion bring Scarborough back to its glory days as one of Perth’s most iconic destinations.”

The spokeswoman said DYo Events “thoroughly enjoyed” putting on the food, art and craft market and were “really proud” of its contribution to the community.

“Feed Box Market was submitted during the MRA’s Expression of Interest Scarborough Place Activation,” she said.

“DYo Events will be working closely with the MRA and the City of Stirling in due course to potentially bring Feed Box Market back during or post the redevelopment.”

MRA chief executive Kieran Kinsella said the Feed Box Market was due to relocate from the Esplanade Reserve to Brighton Reserve in early 2016 but organisers decided to discontinue the markets “for a range of reasons”.

“The MRA looks forward to continuing to work with the market operators to identify future opportunities for Scarborough,” Mr Kinsella said.

“Through strong partnerships with operators such as DYo events – the Feed Box Market organisers – we will ensure Scarborough is a place where people want to visit, invest and be entertained.”

Stirling Mayor Giovanni Italiano said the City wanted to ensure the area was vibrant and full of activities. “We understand this type of activity (the markets) is one that is encouraged and supported,” he said.