Many mountains to climb

The 23-year-old Aboriginal case worker said she was contacted by Plan, one of the oldest and largest children’s development organisations working to empower communities, and offered the opportunity to climb and raise money for a school meal program in Sudan.

‘I said yes without really thinking about all it would entail for me both physically and mentally,’ Miss Martin said. ‘I am part of a team made up of people of all ages from all over the country who have decided to make the climb for Plan.’

Ms Martin is working with a personal trainer, as well as, at the gym to prepare for the climb up the Tanzanian free-standing mountain in October, which stands at 5895 metres.

‘My training journey so far has been really hard work but so rewarding and I can’t wait to take on the challenge,’ she said.

‘I’m averaging 100km in training a week to prepare me for the nine days and six to nine hours of trekking a day.’

Ms Martin hopes to raise more than $4000 to help feed 250 Sudanese students for a year.

‘I haven’t raised much just yet but I have car washes, a treadmill-a-thon and a gig organised for the next few months,’ she said.

To help Ms Martin, email or visit to donate.