Mt Lawley MLA calls on Stirling and Vincent mayors to work together on Beaufort Street plans

Mt Lawley MLA calls on Stirling and Vincent mayors to work together on Beaufort Street plans

MT Lawley is divided by two councils, but Stirling and Vincent’s mayors say they are open to working together during a new streetscape study.

A pocket of Beaufort Street between Walcott Street and Queens Crescent and across to Field and Alvan streets will be the subject of a Stirling community vision workshop next week.

Mt Lawley MLA Simon Millman urged Stirling Mayor Mark Irwin and Vincent Mayor Emma Cole to ensure their cities were on the same page, especially given the split down Walcott Street.

“As the community meets with the City of Stirling to talk about the future of Mt Lawley’s streetscape, I hope they will remind the City that Mt Lawley traverses both sides of Walcott Street,” Mr Millman said.

“Everyone that I speak to about this wants Stirling and Vincent to work together to ensure that we have a town plan for central Mt Lawley that is cohesive and harmonious.”

Mr Irwin said the City was keen to engage with Vincent and other stakeholders to provide a “seamless and vibrant” Beaufort Street.

“While there will be a number of factors to consider, such as the area’s character retention, we are looking forward to having these discussions and working together to get the best out of the area,” Mr Irwin said.

Ms Cole said Vincent had just become aware of the project and was reaching out.

“We are always happy to discuss future plans for Beaufort Street with the City of Stirling and the local town team, the Beaufort Street Network (BSN), which works across the whole of Beaufort Street in the Highgate and Mt Lawley area,” she said.

“I believe that by aligning our vision and through ongoing dialogue with BSN and our neighbours at Stirling, we can all ensure our plans are cohesive and deliver the very best outcomes for Beaufort Street.”

The community workshop takes place from on Wednesday, October 31 from 6pm at the Mt Lawley Bowling Club, with RSVPs due by Wednesday, October 24.

The streetscape report is expected to be presented to Stirling councillors in May 2019.