New move on rubbish row

New move on rubbish row

Cr Cooke put the notice of motion at the end of last Tuesday’s council meeting, and following a preliminary report from staff, it may be considered by the councillors in two weeks time.

The motion came after residents were not consulted on changes to the City’s verge collection policy.

Cr Cooke said a waste management working group, including eight to 10 members of the public, would help keep the public more informed.

‘There would be more transparency and more community involvement in our decision-making process,’ she said.

‘One of the issues around our changes to waste management and verge collections in particular ” one of the main dilemmas ” is not getting the information out there; there’s been a bit of misinformation and confusion and I’m disappointed that’s happened.

‘If we had a waste management working group, it would be able to meaningfully contribute to planning, developing and reviewing our waste management practices.’

However, Cr Cooke said her call to establish the working group was not an admission the City had erred in not consulting the public about the changes to the verge policy.