New waste policy defended

The council decided, without public consultation, to reduce 2013 verge collections from four a year to two ” one junk and one green waste.

The move provoked an angry response from residents, with the Stirling Times recording many such complaints by phone, email and online.

At last week’s ordinary council meeting, Cr Elizabeth Re put a notice of motion regarding the bulk waste verge collection process, with a report on the effectiveness of the new strategy to be presented to council on March 5.

City manager of waste and fleet Sean Sciberras said he could understand the frustration of some residents, but ‘the short-term pain would ultimately be worth the long-term gain’ for the community and environment.

While the period of the review was shorter than he preferred, he believed it would ultimately vindicate the City’s decision.

‘With any change there will be a transition period and that is what is being experienced currently,’ Mr Sciberras said.

‘While a full three months would have been ideal’