North Beach residents irked by height and size changes to developments

Picture: Martin Kennealey d475336
Picture: Martin Kennealey d475336

NORTH Beach residents are concerned about proposed tenancy, height and apartment size changes to a four-storey mixed use development.

Two residents spoke against the amendments to the Flora Terrace and Lawley Street office and apartment complex at last Tuesday’s City of Stirling council meeting.

Harden Jones Architects applied for various changes to current development approval including increasing the height and length of the eastern ground floor wall to create a covered walkway with rooftop garden above, changing the use of a tenancy from restaurant to personal care services and reducing two ground-floor apartments from two to one bedroom.

A report by the City said the applicant had started construction for a “substantial portion” of the proposed amendments without approval.

During public question time, resident Rhonda King said the covered walkway was a “very substantial” change from the original timber pergola, while Pearce Blake was concerned it would create shade on neighbouring homes.

Planning and development director Ross Povey said officers had assessed the plans and recommended refusal of this aspect, as well as the reduced width of the awning on Lawley Street.

The City’s report being submitted to the Metropolitan North-West Joint Development Assessment Panel this month noted the rooftop garden would not be accessible to residents, the structure had the “bulk and mass of a two-storey wall” to the adjoining properties to the east and would affect afternoon sun and ventilation for those homes.

Photos taken in early October showed the covered walkway already under construction and the report recommended bringing the site into compliance with approved plans.

A majority of councillors supported the recommendation, with Cr Elizabeth Re voting against after querying whether residents’ objections to the building were considered and if construction had stopped while amendments were being assessed.

Mr Povey said the seven submissions had been taken into account and the builders had been advised to stop construction of unapproved aspects.

A decision will be made at the DAP meeting on October 30.

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