Off-duty policewoman’s quick response saved toddler on fire in Doubleview

A WA Police officer recalls her life-saving response to the horrific incident in Doubleview the weekend before last when a three-year-old girl was set alight.

First Class Constable Steph said she heard an argument from a nearby house about midnight on Friday August 21 while she was off-duty.

“I ended up opening the front door just to see what was going on and as I’ve done that she’s (the mother) run out of the house saying ‘the kids are on fire’,” Constable Steph said.

“I immediately turned into the right hand side of the house and that’s when I saw the three-year-old on fire and I immediately grabbed a blanket, covered her up and made sure I put out the flames.”

Constable Steph said she then removed the girl and her two siblings from the house.

“She was hanging on to me for dear life so I ended up grabbing her and telling mum I’m taking her to my house to put her in the bathtub so I took her and made sure she was in cold water,” she said.

The three-year-old girl was allegedly set on fire by her father while she slept.

It is also alleged the father doused the girl’s two older siblings in petrol.

Constable Steph said seven years of policing had prepared her for difficult situations but she would have expected anyone in her position to do the same.

“I did what I had to do but any mother or father would have done that,” she said.

“I’m just glad that they’re safe and well and I’m happy that the outcome is where it is now.”