Osborne Park: Stirling councillor pushes for more parking on Main Street

Main Street, Osborne Park. Picture: Matt Jelonek.
Main Street, Osborne Park. Picture: Matt Jelonek.

A STIRLING councillor says businesses are “screaming” for more parking along Main Street in Osborne Park.

The City of Stirling recently created on-street parking bays on Main Street between Federal and Eldorado streets, but Cr Giovanni Italiano says he wants it extended south to Cape Street.

A report by the City presented at the September 4 council meeting said there were 420 off-street bays in that section.

It found it would be possible to install 46 bays there but “strongly” recommended against it unless footpaths were built on both sides of the street.

Footpath construction would cost about $110,000 and require removal of at least 54 mature verge trees, which the report deemed counterproductive to efforts to improve the streetscape.

The report suggested paid parking was a more cost effective solution.

Cr Italiano said he believed not enough money was being spent on Osborne Park, with about $2.18 million spent on upgrades to Main Street in the past 15 years, and questioned the need for the 2.3m wide path and tree removal.

Infrastructure director Michael Littleton said trees would have to be cleared to make way for the footpath, which was required for safety reasons.

Cr Suzanne Migdale agreed there were parking issues in the area while Cr David Boothman supported the on-street parking but not the knocking down of trees.

“There must be a way to get the best of both worlds,” he said.

Council voted to defer its decision to allow further consideration and discussions with local businesses.