Paid-parking project is top of the bill

The plan lists 12 major capital works, with the total capital expenditure estimated for each project over the life of the plan, with the total sum at $179,935,417.

The largest of these projects is the City’s paid-parking implementation plan, which is expected to come in at a cost of $65,474,448 over 10 years, or 36.39 per cent of the total capital expenditure.

Councillor Bill Stewart took issue with the figure for the paid-parking implementation plan, and was the sole dissenter, with all other councillors voting to endorse the plan.

The Coastal Aquatic Facility, the issue of a public meeting on Monday night, was not included in the 10-year plan.

City of Stirling chief executive Stuart Jardine said the plan would provide greater transparency of the intention of the city.

‘A long-term financial plan is a significant document that gives a blueprint for the current financial position and future financial commitments associated with maintaining the City’s facilities, services and infrastructure, along with any new projects the council, over time, has resolved to undertake,’ he said.

‘It also ensures the long-term sustainability of the city.

‘Each year through its annual budget process, the council resolves to allocate funding to strategic priorities in congruence with the plan.’