Parking plan causes concern

Image: File photo.
Image: File photo.

In four years, numbers have nearly doubled at the Albert Street school, which is refusing out-of-area enrolments to control growth.

A proposal for longer-term parking near the school follows the addition of a pre-primary transportable on site this year.

Mr Lasscock said the changes would cater for the higher number of parents now needing access to the school.

However, new restrictions flagged by the City of Stirling have attracted criticism from some Hamilton Street residents, which could acquire midday limits and marked bays under the plan.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said a letter detailing concerns had been dropped to local homes. She said more parking restrictions and markings could devalue properties and encourage verge parking.

‘If they are going to mark anywhere why don’t they mark the school side not our side,’ she said.

Mr Lasscock said the school contacted the City following complaints about parents parking on Albert Street verges. ‘There really is very little parent drop-off parking available,’ he said.

Stirling engineering design manager Paul Giamov said talks with the school stressed the needed for parking options for parents attending assemblies and classroom activities.

‘Changing (the limit) to two hours (between 11am and 1pm) should have little impact on residents in the immediate vicinity and will mitigate illegal parking elsewhere,’ he said. ‘This section of road has always been available with no restrictions except during school days when it is only prohibited at morning and afternoon peak periods.’

A final decision on the City’s parking plan has yet to be made.

Education Department statewide planning and delivery executive director Lindsay Hale confirmed Osborne Park was among the Stirling-based primary schools experiencing growth.