Parkinson’s not holding back Trigg cyclist

Carlene Walker. Photo: Martin Kennealey
Carlene Walker. Photo: Martin Kennealey

TRIGG resident Carlene Walker was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease shortly before her 50th birthday.

Seven years later, she is happy, fit and cycling about 500km per month to raise money for Parkinson’s WA.

“You reach an age, whether you have a disability or regardless, where it’s nice to give back,” Mrs Walker said.

“I’ve always been a fit person and Parkinson’s wasn’t going to get in my way.”

She took up cycling less than six months ago and now swims three times and cycles four times a week, along with hiking and volunteering at an aged care facility.

Mrs Walker decided to fundraise for Parkinson’s WA by cycling along the coast as much as she could, aiming for 500km per month, and has raised more than $3000 in six weeks.

“I want to show that if someone has Parkinson’s not to be afraid to try something new,” she said.

“Don’t be scared, there’s a lot of support out there. Try different things.”

Staying active has been of great benefit and she has also completed the Port to Pub swim and Swim Thru Rottnest.

Mrs Walker said her body can get stiff and ache, she can quickly become extremely tired, her gait and speech has changed and she is losing dexterity on her left side but overall she is healthy and most importantly, positive.

“I don’t let it get in the my way with anything I do,” she said.

“One day they’ll find a cure.”

She is continuing to fundraise and is hoping to involve other people or businesses.

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