Political ties again hot topic at Stirling

City of Stirling.
City of Stirling.

A SECOND push for Stirling councillors to reveal political affiliations has failed.

Cr Stephanie Proud’s motion to have councillors declare membership to a political party or other close ties did not gain enough support at the May 28 council meeting.

At the June 11 meeting she sought introduction of a voluntary register of political interests, similar to the existing online gifts and travel register, but it was again voted down.

Cr Proud said she was inspired by the City of Bayswater’s adoption of the practice in April and the current process of people needing to book an appointment to view disclosures listed in the annual returns was a “hard ask”.

Governance director Jamie Blanchard said the City recommended keeping the disclosures to the annual returns rather than listed online and that they were unsure what changes might be made to the Local Government Act under the current review.

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