Public to play role in targeting arsonists this bushfire season

THE public will play a “crucial” role in the State Government’s operation targeting arsonists this bushfire season, according to Police Minister Liza Harvey.

Ms Harvey said the WA Police led Operation Vulcan involved arson squad officers working to prevent deliberate bushfires.

“WA has the highest incidence of bushfires in the country so the last thing authorities need is people deliberately lighting fires,” she said.

“Police will be conducting a lot of work targeting arson but we also want members of the community to be vigilant and immediately report suspicious behaviour.”

Ms Harvey said Operation Vulcan would use covert surveillance cameras on bushfire arson hot spots, officer patrols and a community awareness campaign.

Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis said firefighters put their lives on the line to protect the community from deliberately-lit fires.

“These men and women pledge to protect the community from bushfires that ravage this state and that job is challenging enough without throwing arson into the mix,” Mr Francis said.