Push to resist change

Mayor David Boothman said Premier Colin Barnett’s comments that he would consider other options were reassuring, as the City’s stance had always been that there should be no changes to the boundaries.

‘Two months ago we were assured that there would be no change to our boundaries and the City was held up as a ‘poster child’ in terms of the model that all local government should be aiming towards,’ Cr Boothman said.

‘Then three weeks ago we were told of the proposed carve-up to our boundaries which includes six of our current suburbs being devoured by neighbouring new mega councils to make them sustainable to our detriment, and that only minor tweaks would be considered in any submission to the Local Government Advisory Board.’

‘Last week we heard that the Premier would be more flexible to where the actual boundaries end up which reaffirmed council’s stance that Stirling should remain as is.’