Quit booze for Ocsober

raise dollars for school campaign
raise dollars for school campaign

The Dianella resident said the immediate health benefits were not the only positives from ‘Ocsober’ month.

‘The reason I’m doing it is to raise valuable funds for drug and alcohol education in WA, which we conduct in primary schools in the Perth metropolitan area and up to Geraldton at the moment,’ Mr Foley said.

Life Education WA has provided school-based drug and alcohol education for nearly 30 years.

During Ocsober, more than 23,000 WA students have the opportunity to be educated about the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle and helpful ways to manage peer pressure to drink alcohol or take illicit drugs.

‘Our main objective is to empower young students in years 5, 6 and 7 to deal with the issues when confronted with alcohol, when they start heading into high schools or be confronted by peer pressure,’ Mr Foley said.

‘We try and develop their skill level so they do have alternative options.’

Mr Foley said Life Education WA hoped to raise $1 million this year to help deliver its message.

‘Ocsober is not only a great opportunity for them to help us continue with that work, but it gives our supporters a pause to reflect on the many lasting benefits of cutting right back on alcohol,’ he said.

‘One of the messages out there is if they (parents) can stay off the alcohol for a month, it sends a good message to young children that alcohol is not the ‘be all and end all’, there are times that you can abstain from it and enjoy a healthier life.’

Free Will Power is the theme for Life Education Australia’s national Ocsober fundraising campaign.

For more information on Ocsober and Life Education, visit lifeeducation.org.au