Milestones: Reader shares Hamersley history

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READER Barry Slatter has shared Hamersley’s history with the Times.

Mr Slatter said December 14 marked 50 years since a 1968 land auction in Manton Court sparked residential establishment of the suburb.

“Back then it was serviced by a limestone road and was generally regarded as being ‘in the sticks’, so to speak,” he said.

“No phones, no shops, no facilities and bush all around.”

According to the City of Stirling’s records, the suburb was named after settlers the Hamersley family, with Edward Hamersley owning land in the area after arriving in the Swan River Colony in 1837.

The low-lying areas within Hamersley were used for market gardening during the early years, with the remaining land being largely undeveloped.

After residential development, Hamersley was the first suburb in the region to be guided by cul-de-sac design, which later formed the basis for other subdivisions within the northern corridor.

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