Recycling can be profitable for City of Stirling

CITY of Stirling Mayor Italiano wants mini-skips for household goods instead of kerbside collections.

That’s 67,000 homes, 1300 skips per week at $140 each, equates to $9 million per year.

Spend $5000 on a junket to Logan City refuse centre in Brown Plains.

The basic site is two hectares of land, 50,000m2 of enclosed sheds, a separate inward goods shed, 10 staff, grass area parking for 300 cars and trailers and prices are cheaper than op shops.

Monday to Thursday are drop-off days only for unwanted goods.

Logan City accepts goods from all of Brisbane.

Friday to Sunday, they open the doors for the sale of goods in ‘as is’ condition, with no warranty.

Goods range from the A to Z of any household goods, clothing, furniture and building supplies.

Doors open at 9am on Friday and it is like the post-Christmas sales.

The only drawback is that this department makes a profit and may not be akin to local government thinking.