Reform leads priorities

Cr Italiano cited the State Government’s council reform process at the top of his priorities and said he was seeking a meeting with the Minister for Local Government, Tony Simpson.

‘As one of my first points of business, I will be seeking an urgent meeting with the minister to ensure he understands the council’s resolve in this regard.

‘We cannot sit by and see parts of our council carved up to the detriment of all our ratepayers,’ Cr Italiano explained.

Inglewood Ward Councillor David Logan was elected Deputy Mayor by a council that remained relatively unchanged after last week’s elections.

Cr Karen Caddy, from Scarborough, was elected for her first term in the Coastal Ward, while ECU associate Professor Andrew Guilfoyle won the seat in the Hamersley Ward.

City of Stirling chief executive Stuart Jardine said he looked forward to the times ahead with the new council and he emphasised that co-operation was key to the continued success of the council.

‘Challenging and exciting times lay ahead for the City and we look forward to the contribution that each elected councillor will make during their term.

‘Teamwork is what sets the City of Stirling apart from other local governments and we look forward to that tradition continuing,’ Mr Jardine said.

The mayor said the City wished to acknowledge and thank retiring councillors Sharon Cooke and Jason Robbins for their years of service to the City.

‘Their contribution to the community has been immense and we wish them well in their future endeavours,’Cr Italiano said.