City of Stirling residents win fight to remove illuminated signs

Richard Curry with other local residents.   d482544
Richard Curry with other local residents. d482544

PEOPLE power has toppled a set of signs.

Six signs, which were installed by the City of Stirling as part of its illuminated street signs policy earlier this year, are being removed after resident backlash.

The Times previously reported concerns from residents in Scarborough, Trigg and Watermans Bay, while Woodlands and Wembley Downs ratepayers made their discontent known at Stirling council meetings.

Councillors last month voted to halt rollout of the signs pending a review and consider amending its policy.

Residents lobbied for removal of existing signs in residential areas and following discussions with the contractor, City infrastructure director Michael Littleton confirmed six would be taken down.

“The main concern raised by the community was that some of the signs were too close to residential homes,” he said.

“The contractor has agreed to remove the signs in the next four weeks, at no cost to the City.”

The signs being removed are at the intersection of Hale and Weaponess roads in Wembley Downs, at Scarborough Beach and Huntriss roads in Woodlands, and along West Coast Highway and West Coast Drive in Scarborough, Trigg and Watermans Bay.