Round the world run for a cause

entrepreneur raises funds for ymca program
entrepreneur raises funds for ymca program

Now, the 30-year-old entrepreneur is in full training mode to make sure it becomes a reality and in the process raise between $20,000 and $30,000 for the YMCA youth mentoring program, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Jake will embark on his six-week running adventure on August 16.

Beginning the first leg of the journey in Singapore, he will go on to run 10km in London, Split, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Bali, before finishing in Perth on October 25 at the YMCA youth headquarters in Leederville.

‘I’ve always had a passion for philanthropy and I’m a member of the YMCA fundraising task force,’ Jake said.

‘The idea to run 10km in 10 cites just hit me one night, I had the desire to travel and I was going to compete in the City to Surf, so it all fell together.’

His best mate decided to get on board, as support crew, and his partner will be joining them in Barcelona.

The entire trip is funded by Jake and all the money raised will go directly to the YMCA program.

‘I already managed to raise $13,000 and I haven’t left yet,’ he said.

‘I have friends around the world and corporate contacts in San Francisco, so hopefully that will help out a bit.’

He will use a running application on his phone to map out 10km running paths when he arrives at each city.

‘Running and exercise weren’t really high on the agenda before I decided to take this on, but now I’m training a minimum of three days a week.’

Although he will be running in a new location every three to five days, he is also hoping to fit in a bit on sightseeing.

To help boost Jake’s fundraising donate through the website: