Scarborough fair

He made the prediction during a half-hour address to members and guests of the Scarborough Beach Association at Rendezvous Hotel last Wednesday night.

Speaking initially about the MRA’s role right across the metropolitan area, Mr Kinsella said the State Government had invested $1.75 billion into the MRA’s suite of projects, including the Perth City Link and Elizabeth Quay, adding that the MRA expected the private sector would deliver a further $8 billion into those projects.

Mr Kinsella then went on to detail the steps forward in redeveloping Scarborough, and said that private and Federal investment would potentially double the total contribution to the activation of the precinct.

‘It’s worth repeating that the State Government has committed $30 million to fund the urban renewal of the Scarborough Beach precinct, which will be delivered by the MRA in conjunction with the City of Stirling,’ he said.

‘Of that, $25 million will go towards capital works, improvements to the foreshore, landscaping and possible road works.

‘We know from experience elsewhere that there is an investment culture that follows us’