Sheldon the dog is all ears for hearing impaired Glendalough resident

Cherie Amundsen with Sheldon.
Cherie Amundsen with Sheldon.

THE STIRLING Lions Club has given Glendalough resident Cherie Amundsen, who is hearing impaired, hearing dog, Sheldon.

Sheldon, a labrador deerhound cross, allows Ms Am-undsen to be more independent.

Sheldon has been trained to alert his owner to sounds such as a kettle boiling, an alarm or a child crying.

Vice president Richard Cox said it was good to see the club’s efforts come to fruition.

“The club has been making donations for many years to the Hearing Dogs Association in South Australia and it’s good to see some results of what we’ve put money into for so many years,” Mr Cox said.

He said Ms Amundsen was thrilled with her new hearing guide dog.

“She’s ecstatic, its allowed her to move out of shared accommodation into a unit and she feels safer as well,” he said.