Sowing the seeds for a greener future in Stirling

Aimed at improving the green canopy, creating cooler and more attractive streetscapes, and building a sense of community, the City aims to plant 550 new trees.

City of Stirling Mayor Giovanni Italiano said the street tree planting program supported the City’s commitment to environmental sustainability and engaged communities.

‘The issue of tree preservation and the negative impact of infill development on the City’s green canopy has been an issue of concern for the City of Stirling for some time,’ Cr Italiano said.

‘The street tree planting program’s educational and community engagement approach is hoped to raise awareness among residents of the need and importance of street trees under increasing urban pressures.’

Mr Italiano said the City hoped volunteers would be able to provide care to the trees through the summer months so they could enjoy the benefits for years to come.

‘Street trees are included in the rates,’ Cr Italiano said. ‘Newly planted street trees will be watered by the City once per week for two years.

‘After this time, the street tree should have established itself sufficiently to survive with the assistance of residents who we hope will continue to play a role in its care.’

The City is looking for 50 volunteers to get involved as volunteer street tree captains and encourage others in their street to be involved in the planned events.