Stand-up comic’s naked ambition

The Doubleview resident � who has been a radio announcer, stand up support act for comedian Tom Green and scriptwriter for ABC and SBS � has turned his creativity to feature film writing.

Armed with a �how to write a script� book he picked up on special, Durlik spent a year-and-a-half penning The Naked Wanderer, the story of a young man who sets off on a 4000km charity walk with the goal of sleeping with as many women as possible.

�I decided I wanted to break out of the constraints of television; I felt with film, it was a free-for-all,� he said.

�I picked up an old book that I found on sale for $2 about film script writing for guidance.�

Durlik stuck with his comedy style for the project, but writing a romantic comedy was new to him.

�I didn�t know I had a rom-com in me,� he said.

�In 2012, I went on a trip to Coral Bay with my family and we drove along the coast and I thought the coastline was a really romantic place.

�I felt a lot of films made in WA were thrillers with a dark side and I wanted to show the beauty of WA.�

Durlik�s first draft script will be workshopped at the end of this month as part of a Film and Television Institute WA Perth Actors Collective Script Lab.

Professional actors donate their time to the readings and the audience provides feedback on the script to assist the screenwriter in their next draft.