Stirling: 190 syringes collected by City so far this year, Mayor condemns inappropriate disposal

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STIRLING Mayor Giovanni Italiano has condemned the inappropriate disposal of syringes in Mirrabooka after statistics revealed 190 syringes were collected this year.

Cr Italiano said syringes were not found specifically on street verges but in parks and walkways.

“The issue of syringes occurs from time to time in some public spaces and the inappropriate disposal of syringes continues to be a problem that requires vigilance from those working in the public domain,” he said.

“The issue of syringes being left in public areas is no more prevalent in Mirrabooka than it is in any other suburb.”

Cr Italiano said there were about five reports of discarded syringes from residents per month and staff collected 1578 from public spaces in the City this year.

“Mirrabooka is a large area with a number of community facilities and at its centre is a transport hub for commuting… it is also a commercial precinct for shopping and social services,” he said.

“All of these factors add to the high volume use of the area both day and night however the dumping of syringes in public areas is a health risk and with so many options available to drug users to safely dispose of their used syringes, dumping them in public areas is just not acceptable.”

A gardener encountered two syringes on a street verge on Yew Court in Mirrabooka on October 27.

Bassendean resident Gerry Coleman said he experienced a scare while using his line trimmer to cut a patch of overgrown grass.

“Luckily enough, it had a cap on the sharp needle but having said that, it was flying at a high speed and it could have fallen off,” he said.

“I am lucky that it did not stick in me because otherwise, you have a potential of contracting hepatitis or (HIV).”

Mr Coleman said he told the homeowner to be aware of syringes on the verge.

“They did not do the right thing and just threw it on the ground… it could be anybody,” he said.

Mr Coleman said he also spotted several syringes in the City of Bayswater this year.

A City of Bayswater spokesman said the last syringe picked up in the City was on the verge of Williamson Street in Bayswater.

“Our health section reports six syringes were found in parks over the last 12 months and around 15 in total when you take account of syringes found on verges and roads,” he said.