Stirling council backflips on corella cull

Stirling council backflips on corella cull

CITY of Stirling has backtracked on a controversial decision to stop the cull of feral corellas.

Council voted to continue with the cull last night after supporting a cease of the planned May cull at the previous council meeting .

Councillor Mark Irwin put forward a revocation of Cr David Michael’s previous motion to stop the cull in favour of a statewide solution and non-lethal methods.

The revocation was submitted by Cr Irwin and supported by Crs Karen Caddy, Joe Ferrante, Terry Tyzack and Rod Willox.

The council reports states adopting a “do-nothing” approach would be “untenable” and have environmental and economic impacts on the City.

“White Corellas are a feral pest, causing extensive damage to street trees, bushland trees and park infrastructure and threatening natural ecosystems,” the report said.

“In practice, the current council resolution whereby ‘a metropolitan wide regional solution is implemented with State and Local Governments’, before the City can contemplate the population reduction of any pest Australian animals, will be difficult to achieve.”

The report stated it was unlikely a “fiscally challenged” Department of Parks and Wildlife could co-ordinate budgets with all Perth councils to implement the cull in the near future.

“Large flocks of White Corellas are killing existing native trees such as original stands of Jarrah trees at Carine Regional Open Space, as well as competing for nesting hollows and habitat generally indigenous to Perth species.”

The cull will begin next month at a cost of $3300.

More to come.