Stirling couple recall ‘frightening’ road rage incident with cyclist

The cyclist police would like to speak with.
The cyclist police would like to speak with.

AN elderly Stirling man has described the terrifying moment his wife’s hand was smashed by a cyclist in a violent road rage attack.

The 73-year-old man and his 74-year-old wife who suffers from arthritis and multiple sclerosis were heading home from breakfast in Mt Hawthorn on December 10 at the Main Street and Scarborough Beach Road intersection.

Seventy-three year old Jim, who was driving at the time, said his wife Essie’s hand was resting on the open window when he heard her screaming in pain.

“One of the cyclists struck her hand on the window with his hand and I heard her screaming and I was shouting at the bloke,” he said.

Two cyclists were ahead of the couple when Jim, who was driving, beeped his horn as they were merging from a sharp turn off where Green Street meets Scarborough Beach Road.

“I heard my husband beep the horn, the cyclists slowed down and moved to left of the road; the next thing I heard something sounded like banging or kicking the car,” 74-year-old Essie said.

“I then felt a sharp pain in my left hand, I yelled in pain and quickly pulled my hand inside the car.

“It was very painful and sore. I looked outside, I saw a large man with a big bushy beard wearing a lyrca outfit and staring angrily at me and he was yelling at me and my husband, ‘I have every right to be on the road’.

“I was scared and confused to why he was screaming at me.”

Jim said he felt scared and defenceless.

“There was nothing I could do to help the situation; I’m 73, a breath of wind would push me over,” he said.

“People like that are just bullies; God knows how many people they have done this to.

“We all have to share the road and it doesn’t mean you go off your head every time somebody toots their horn at you.

“My wife has MS and she has had physio at the centre for the injury. She also has arthritis in her hands, there’s not much bruising but she is still quite sore.”

Scarborough police have released an image of a man who can help them with their enquiries.

Senior Sergeant Glenn Dowding said emotions were often heightened on the roads throughout the Christmas and holiday period.

“People really need to try and keep calm on the road, whether cyclists or drivers; we are all road users and we need to be respectful of that,” he said.

“Sometimes things get to a stage where instead of reporting incidents to police they will take matters into their own hands which can be an issue.

“A bit of courtesy on our roads would not go astray at this time of year.”

The Joondanna Green Street and Scarborough Beach Road intersection was named in the top ten worst intersections in the annual RAC Risky Roads Survey.

The report said the poor overall intersection design caused confusion and risk when drivers were turning right on top Scarborough Beach Road.

If you have any information about this incident call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or and quote reference number 1212 1612 001 5997.