Store staff shocked at theft of donations box

money intended to help women
money intended to help women

Carl Turich works at Priceline in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre, where staff have been giving local women makeovers for a gold-coin donation.

The proceeds are donated to the Priceline Sisterhood, a charity aimed at helping women that has raised $576,230 in Australia to date.

However, on Tuesday, March 19, two women allegedly stole the donation box, a clear perspex love-heart.

‘They had actually been in the store for about five minutes and one of my staff, Linda, was keeping an eye on them because she could tell something was ‘off’ about them,’ he said.

‘She went to help out at the register, she might have been gone for 30 seconds maybe, and one of the ladies has taken the box and put it in her bag.’

Mr Turich said that rather than leave the store, the pair then went to the front counter and purchased a mascara before leaving the store.

‘Linda went and checked the stall when they left the store (and) sure enough the box was gone and we immediately got onto the store security, but they had left the premises.’

Mr Turich said the incident was captured on store cameras and the footage had been passed on to Scarborough police.

‘It’s a pretty disappointing thing to happen, stealing from a charity like that, and this wasn’t idle theft, they had put a bit of thought into it and they certainly didn’t look destitute.

‘I suppose it is a reflection on society today, everyone is doing it tough but there is no reason to stoop this low.

‘Linda has worked here for 35 years and this is the first time she has seen something like this.’