Susi’s Go-ahead for board game

The Newman College library assistant said manufacturer Winning Moves contacted her in February after they saw her images on the social media site Flickr.

‘They had seen some of my photos on Flickr and thought they might look good on the front of the box,’ Mrs Nodding said.

‘I sent them the original photos along with a brief description of 12 photos which were all Perth related and was also asked for my input into iconic Perth locations and was asked to keep this all secret.’

Mrs Nodding said when she saw the launch being advertised two weeks ago she noticed one of her photos had made the front of the box.

‘It wasn’t until after the official launch last week when I had a closer look at the actual board, which also has my photo of the Perth City to Surf above the ‘Go’ position, that I noticed my photo of a surfer representing the Scarborough Beach square.’

Mrs Nodding attended the launch held at the Fremantle Prison, where it was revealed that Kings Park had scooped the board’s most exclusive and coveted ‘Mayfair’ site and the Fremantle Markets the highly prized dark blue position formerly known as Park Lane.

Mrs Nodding said while she had nothing to do with what locations were selected for the board, she was happy to be a part of the limited edition board game.

‘I am just very happy to have been a part of this, not only having my home suburb of Scarborough as part of the game with my picture, but representing Perth in a small way,’ she said. ‘I have lived in Perth for 23 years, moving to Scarborough nearly five years ago and I love it.’

Karrinyup Shopping Centre was the other City of Stirling landmark to make the board game. The Perth edition will be available to purchase from November 1.